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Old Growth Forests Of Your Soul


I am desolate in a crowd of beautiful women looking for familiar eyes.

I feel isolated in cities of misunderstanding.

Emptiness fills me on this planet full of conflicting perspectives of how life should be.

I scavenge the damaged ethnosphere, searching for the old-growth forests of your soul.

Pieces of enchanting memories of the serenade of your laughter fill my void.

I still hold you in fairy tales of undying love, while my passion is inflamed with happy vibrations that are reflections of your heart as it beats for me, inhaling your butterflies, and exhaling forever under meteor showers of never-ending affection.

I am watching an abundant night sky full of luminescence.

The constellations are strumming broken guitar strings trying to mend the hollow sounds of life without you.

A galaxy of stars that still do not shine like the aura that surrounds your muse.

With every flowers new bloom, I see your smile.

Your pheromones are nature's perfume.

In the distance I feel closer.

Separation molds us into abundance.

On this remote island with only darkness I am finding hope in the light that our memories hold.

I am sailing off into the perfect storm, knowing when the confusion ends,

You will teleport back into my arms.

We will evolve into organic farms.

Our immortal sorrows will feed happiness to the children of tomorrow.

The bond we share will last forever and nourish the soils.

Peace will grow from the roots of our unity.

In another Universe Gaia tells love stories of you and me.

Jesse J. Jacoby ©2014

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