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A Spectator


Sometimes I feel like I am on drugs.

Living in a world where we have to hide to make love.

Everyone around me seems to be sleeping through life.

Am I the one who is high? Or what is it?

I'm still awaiting a universal awakening.

I am a scavenger, picking at warped minds.

A passenger, observing these action-less actors,

as they play the roles of successful people.

They are nature-deprived & nutrient-deficient,

with bellies full of pig meat, living in an illusion.

Their egos leak toxic waste, aiming to dictate, hollow-out, and suffocate the landbase.

I am trapped here, navigating these broken images that represent people.

I watch as they climb higher into the hierarchy's social Army.

Their arrogance pads their comfort.

They loathe in fortunes they have accumulated from raping the less fortunate

of their water, land, metals, and food.

They have committed genocide & wiped out entire cultures

from their so-called 'living' rooms, where they pollute their brains with television lies,

eating processed foods, and breathing artificial air into their heart-diseased instruments

that conceal darkened souls.

These are the folks who live on the hill.

Those that John Lennon warned us have learned to smile while they kill.

I make myself invisible.

I don't want to be seen.

Embarrassed by what 'my people' have managed to be.

Now I see it is far more dangerous behind the scenes.

They don't show you what ecocide really means on mainstream.

The oceans are acidifying.

Forests are disappearing.

All water sources are drying.

The wild animals are dying.

People do not perceive Main Street as it really is.

Families are suffering, & children are enslaved & forced to labor in other nations,

for stock numbers to increase.

All so a select few can get a 'piece' of what it feels like to live 'above' poverty.

You do not know terrorism until you understand truly their agendas overseas.

They seized Libya's oil.

They stole Iraq from its own people.

All under the guise of freedom.

In a democracy, you should not have to be reminded that you are free.

You will know when the chains are loose, violence only tightens the noose.

I am a bystander, looking through a foreign lens.

Fighting for peace is like playing the lottery to eat.

A war against terrorism is like giving methadone to heroin addicts.

War is terror.

Hurting others is a shallow man's creed.

So why is it that they are bombing Afghanistan for their gold,

and for the opium that this economy thinks it needs?

To supply the pharmaceuticals for those who are GMO-diseased?

This is only feeding the "War on Drugs."

The reason why 1 in 28 children only see Mommy or Daddy through glass once a week.

They don't get a chance to touch, or feel their love, and grow up empty.

Ten percent of people over eighteen are locked in institutions with no fresh air to breathe.

They are now products of the prison industry.

I call this cruelty.

It is time to change the way they are doing things.

Marijuana is arguably the most powerful medicine on the planet.

Yet, the law still demonizes this beautiful plant, and destroys the lives of those who have it.

Meanwhile, gas companies are blasting chemical cocktails deep down into our water supply.

They are rewarded with cash prizes.

As an eyewitness, I observe, and I have seen.

The executives collect the profits and buy prostitutes to sniff lines of coke with.

Their children & wives wait in their giant homeless houses, another night without Daddy.

Mommy numbs the sadness with another glass of wine.

The young ones feel emptiness inside.

"He'll take us shopping the next day, and that will make things all okay."

More stuff that they don't need, at a cost they will never truly see.

When there is not a line of gullible people waiting to 'buy,' they call it a housing crisis.

The real crisis is that millions of families are living on the streets,

While the banks own enough empty houses, abandoned buildings, and structures

to shelter everyone who is in need.

I am a spectator, watching others walk around in thick layers of ignorance.

They keep them plastered on by covering themselves with lotions, perfumes, and make-ups.

By eating the food that is responsible for planet degradation.

Smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, & relying on medical doctors to 'relieve' their pain.

This only takes them further into sedation.

Botox does not only take away your beautiful smile, it destroys your true nature.

This perfection you are seeking is conditioning you for failure.

Animal agriculture poisons every compound on the planet.

I watch as each day new species vanish and rainforests disappear.

More cattle, more chickens, more pigs, less water, less land, less trees.

All so the filthy rich can get their fix, while it nurtures disease.

As an onlooker, I am saddened by what I see.

As animals die, their natural defense mechanisms wait dormant in their flesh.

With each mouthful you swallow, they wake up inside you.

They release the suffering you inflicted on them.

This is real vengeance.

This is cancer.

These folks pray to be saved as they ail.

Pay all of the money that they stole along the way,

right back into the same system they were feeding with no shame.

Monetary wealth cannot rescue them now, karma always gets them back one day.

I see them pointing fingers, looking different ways.

They cannot find their scapegoats, because in the end they have only themselves to blame.

I watch as all of the suffering they caused is buried with them in their graves.

Jesse J. Jacoby ©2014

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