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The Blank Sheet


Alone again, but not lonely.

On my own, nobody to hold, this is not my moment.

I wanted to know her.

I wanted to go there.

Anything to get away from nowhere.

I gave it my all.

My heart opened up to the stars.

I found a new life.

Away from a place that was always too small.

Now I’m back where I promised I’d never go,

laughing at repeats of the past.

Falling into all that I climbed so far out of.

Sinking into the boundaries I already escaped from.

My passions learned new dance moves,

I was walking on water.

My dreams were playing musical instruments,

I never stopped smiling.

My confidence took voice lessons,

I was the happiest I could be.

Now my ambition is a fallen tree.

This demon will not let go of me.

I thought I was finished.

She got the last glance.

Desperately searching for another chance.

Why does it pull at us, so we can never let go of it?

Why am I looking at the beginning of what I’ve already completed?

Where am I going?

What is this message that they want me to see?

Deception is a clever poet.

Desire is a stimulant.

Defeat is a closed trail I will not open.

Betrayal is a wicked business.

I’m hiding from life, drying my eyes,swallowed by time.

Another sleepless night, an early morning drive, any answers I can find.

This empty canvas is exacerbating.

A clean slate is all I'm asking for.

The blank sheet captivates my mind.

Are these thoughts really mine?

Jesse J. Jacoby ©2014


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