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The Human Parasite


I am suffering from a disease called civilization.

I keep choking on the plastic that is saturating the oceans.

I've been experiencing chronic malabsorption of knowledge because the education and information provided by school systems, textbooks, and mainstream media outlets fails to satiate my hungry mind.

I have a mental illness called deforestation.

I am constipated with indigenous genocide.

My pineal gland is calcified with the chemicals and poisons that are being ingested in the food and water supply and linger in the soil.

I was diagnosed as being anemic to damning the rivers.

I suffocate inside of factory farms breathing in pain, torture, rape, and murder.

My lungs are cracking from second-hand smoke, orangutan and palm tree ashes, and animal agriculture's greenhouse gases.

I am dyslexic from prescription pills that sedate me from finding my purpose.

Braindead from watching television lies and being bribed by mistruths.

Cancer eats at me in school cafeterias, fast food restaurants, processed foods, milk cartons, and barbecues.

My skin is eroding from fracking wells, tar sands, and oil drills.

My eyes are partially blind because what society is showing me is not a part of my vision.

I am a parasite known as a human.

My host is a beautiful planet called Earth.

My depression stems from watching all of my kin pollute it.

Jesse J. Jacoby ©2014


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