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A Soulful Plea

A SOULFUL PLEA I wish I could wake up in a world where cigarettes did not exist, and I could pump fresh oxygen that the ancient redwoods deliver – straight from their never have been logged nucleus through the mycelium running -- into the cracked and decayed cancerous lung tissues of smokers and let them feel what fresh air tastes like. I wish they knew that their condition was not only a result of smoking, but also from their organs being discombobulated by the infusion of toxic debris that are lying dormant in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons that are leaking out of the burning flesh we call meals that once harbored beautiful lives that only wanted families but had their babies ripped away so they could mass produce pus and blood stew -- then add bleach -- so the fools would still drink it and think it is milk, inside of factory farms.

I want to live knowing that the blue whale is no longer suffocating in its own home because we poison its oxygen with plastic, petroleum products, animal excrement saturated with methane, and oil driven wars, to benefit shallow egos of those who never found love.

In a world where my only fear comes from how my daughter will react to me sneaking up behind her and chewing on her little baby feet – while she breastfeeds and fuels with her beautiful mamas sweet pure nourishment.

I want to feel safe knowing that I can send her away to a public school system that will not infiltrate her brain, and feed her hogwash, mistruths, and nonsense while they serve her genetically modified remnants of really bad ideas that never should have made it to the sapling stage all while confined in prison-like buildings that represent the police state we have trapped our souls in.

In a world where fresh wild blueberries free from genetically engineered greed and pesticide contaminants was my cup of coffee.

I want to live in a land where people actually drink water, and not some bottled up residues of fracking chemical waste that was pumped from the sewage pits then microfiltered and ozonated to be served to billions of gullible people who gave up their right to having access to clean water to an industry that is collapsing itself from being built on deceit.

I want America to take back its throne, eliminate logging, and let hemp do its thing the way Earth made it to grow.

I want disabilities to be recognized as strengths, and to use them to defeat all weakness.

I wish I lived in a society where television lies were still elements and resources untapped in mines.

I envision solar powered roads and hemp homes and transportation.

Free education for all without corporate agendas.

Where prisons actually help reform people -- by this I mean teach them how to live outside of a world full of slavery and feed themselves from Nature, not from packaged, processed ready-made items.

Healthcare starting on our plates and in all vegan organic school cafeterias where we teach kids the truth,not that meat is protein, but that animals are life, and factory farming is cruel and that it must be abolished.

I live in a world where animals are my friends.

They have families too.

They have hearts.

They have souls.

They breathe through cleaner lungs than we have.

They know their roles.

They don't destroy, they only love!

This is the planet I want to encompass and navigate on my life's journey.

I don't want prescription drugs, cigarette smoke, and alcohol to murder my families.

I want true health and prosperity for all.

I don't want a piece of the fortune.

I just want to know I changed lives with my purpose.

I don't want to see the sixth mass extinction, or be a part of the problem, so i want to unite a real union that will clean up this evil polluted mess that wars, drugs, money, power, and bombs has distorted and let the pristine roots shine crystal clean.

I want to save the planet from Satan's misunderstanding problem, and his deranged thought process that somehow makes him think it is okay to treat souls as objects or products.

This is my mission.

Please embrace my welcome if you will begin by going vegan.

Jesse J. Jacoby ©2014


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